Cocktail Lounge | Live DJ's | Premium food | Delicious Cocktails

Here at Kverneriet Solli we have been offering an urban oasis for locals and visitors since 2017. Best known for our wide spread of hand crafted delicious burgers and fries, we do offer a variety of delicious dishes that suits all tastes and an astonishing cocktail bar. Our main ambition is to create really good food through the use of the best produce and immaculate craftsmanship that doesn’t cut corners. We hope to serve you soon!


Solli Plass Charactiristics :

Kverneriet Solli boasts the largest area of seating out of the 3 restaurants, with a bar specifically designed to accomodate the needs of those wanting to enjoy a hearty meal with a group of people or a delicous cocktail with a friend. 



The Atmosphere at Solli Plass is that of a cocktail lounge. During the day the music is simple and smooth and there is ample space for guests to have a meeting or a tasty lunch. In the afternoons the music picks up the tempo and early dinner arrivals gather to enjoy their end of day meal with a paired drink. Then in the later evening the restaurant picks up to be a hearty atmosphere with the music featuring more energy and the restaurant comes alive with activity by both guests and staff alike.